This handsome nine-year-young kitty is Sosa. If you want someone to cuddle up with and read a book, look no further! Sosa is available for adoption at Best Friends in New York.

MORE ABOUT SOSA His foster reports, “Sosa is very cuddly! If he is not already asleep in his bed he is likely to climb into my lap if I sit down for any length of time. He is very communicative and will let me know when he wants to play with his toys (stares at me until I follow him and he rubs against the corner of the closet) or have his puzzle feeder refilled (moves between, staring at me and pawing at the door where I keep his dry food).” Sosa is a highly intelligent cat who is a wonderful companion and very good company. He is on a special diet for allergies.

Sosa has been neutered, microchipped, dewormed, and is up-to-date on his vaccines.

Sosa is currently hanging out in a foster home and available to meet virtually! 

To learn more about Sosa, head here.

about the author

I'm Amy, Communications and Outreach Specialist for Best Friends Society. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and three cats. When I'm not working to #SaveThemAll, I'm teaching yoga or rock climbing!